Are the 'Management' online all the time? 

They need to sleep sometimes so can't be present all of the time! However, they are available a lot, chatting in the lounges with members, answering questions, leaving comments on member images and blogs. When they are not there, other members will always endeavour to help with technical questions and general advice. This is the real beauty of Foto-Buzz, it's a community of enthusiasts who want to help each other as much as possible.

How often is there new content on the site? 

There isn't a strict schedule of new content and this means that new content can appear at any time. You might get three or four new articles - written techniques or videos - within a few days and then a little break before more content. However, members also produce their own brilliant content with regular Blogs, Critiques and general chat appearing to ensure there is always something happening on Foto-Buzz, plus our guest experts also contribute articles from time to time.

Do you run any photography competitions? 

Oh yes! There is a regular FotoMission (FM) set that gives members a specific brief to work towards. There have been many different briefs since the site started and the idea of the FM is to make members think out of their comfort zone and really drive their photography forward. At the end of every FM, members get to vote for their favourite images while HQ choose their top 10, giving constructive feedback on each of the images they choose. To make sure that it's not just the winners that receive the pro feedback,  a random selection of entries also gets chosen for pro feedback. 

Why isn't FotoBuzz free? 

Quite simply Foto-Buzz's existence relies entirely on subscription and workshop fees to keep it going. We don't have any annoying advertising getting in the way of your enjoyment of the site. We are also able to create a protective shield around the site, making it a safe place for you to express yourself and share your love of photography with other members. The fees pay for the time necessary for our pros to create and update the content, be available to offer general advice and continually develop the site and other associated costs. 

I'm based overseas, will Foto-Buzz work for me? 

Although we are a UK-based team, we have members from many different countries including New Zealand, Australia, America, Germany, France and probably quite a few others too. If you can understand English then you are good to go! Take a look in our Meet the Members page as several of our overseas Foto-Buzzers have explained why it works for them.

Are there any rules relating to membership? 

Not many. We insist on real names being used and that all members have a little thumbnail image of themselves for others to see. We don't want anyone hiding behind made up names or identities because inside Foto-Buzz, you have nothing to hide. Everyone is equal regardless of experience. You are a member to learn, enjoy yourself and make friends. We encourage member interaction and comments, both on the pro articles and any member blogs or image critiques. We only ask that whatever you put is fair, polite and constructive. Anything else is against the Foto-Buzz ethos. We do have moderators on the chat lounges but really the membership is self-moderating. We do insist on a little bit of Friday madness on the chat lounge though! When you've joined, make sure you get involved!

Is Foto-Buzz just a template site? 

Absolutely not! Foto-Buzz has been built from the ground up so that its look and functionality are totally unique. Our web developer - known only as The Geek - has carefully crafted the code and look of Foto-Buzz so that it delivers what the management want for their members - a resource rich and interactive environment. 

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