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Unlock the doorway to Foto-Buzz with a membership and you will find a busy, community driven photography website that has everything from articles on the basics of shooting to more in-depth features on various aspects of photography. You can talk to your fellow Foto-Buzzers in both the tech and chat lounges, help each other critique photos in a constructive way and of course get advice directly from the professional team who run Foto-Buzz.

Many of our tips, technique and inspirational articles are written in the 'old-fashioned' way. You know, words illustrated with images! But we also produce regular imaging tutorials on Lightroom and Photoshop and constructive critiques on Foto-Buzzers members' own photographs. Add 'in the field' video tips and skills advice and a monthly podcast on all things photography and you have a rich mix of interesting content to enjoy.

Here are just a few examples of what you will find inside Foto-Buzz...

Part of a Photoshop Mini-Series by image editing expert Jon Adams. In this video he covers selective sharpening.

Image Analysis - Members' photos

Jon and Andrew discuss a photo taken by Foto-Buzz member Adrian Harris. 

Lightroom advice

Andrew James explains how to use Lightroom's Range Mask to control selective brightness in an image when using an Adjustment Brush.

Photoshop advice

Jon Adams explains how to use Layers and Blend modes to create an eye-catching composite photo.

Live video tips

Andrew delivers a quick tutorial on shooting shallow focus macro images in your back garden.

Foto-Buzz Podcast

Our monthly podcast discusses all manner of photographic topics, answers a few questions and provides a little bit of inspiration too.

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