Street photography challenge at Upfest - Bristol

Join us at the bustling Bristolian backdrop of the Upfest Festival - Europe's biggest street artists event. Spray canisters, characters and colourful canvasses await. It all takes place this July and AJ will be helping you shoot great street photos.

By Andrew James

Where: Bristol
When: 29-07-2017
Price: £95.00 (inc 6 months FotoBuzz membership)
Tour leader: Andrew James
Group size: 50
Terms & Conditions

Upfest 2017 is Europe’s largest, free street art & graffiti festival, attracting over 300 artists painting 35 venues throughout Bedminster & Southville, Bristol. It runs from 29th to 31st July but FotoBuzz will be there on Saturday 29th July. This event attracts talented artists from 30 countries and across the UK to paint live on 30,000sqft of surfaces in front of 35,000 visitors. It will be bustling with people, graffiti artists and various events and is a wonderful location to shoot some street photography full of colour and life!

We won’t be able to shoot together the whole time. Due to the number of people attending it will be best to split into small groups so AJ, who will be giving lots of great tips, advice and special photo challenges on the day, will give you all a briefing and then be available for help and advice wherever possible. We will also meet up in the middle part of the day and keep in contact via mobile phones. Who knows you might get a special request texted in at any point!

We will also be helped by our very own local expert, Vickly Ruszala. As the Bristolian in the Buzz-squad it’ll be her task to work out best parking places and great places to eat. She’ll also teach you to speak local. This means we will try to get "breckfuss" first, unless you bring your "sangwedges" before heading out with our "camrawls". We can also amuse ourselves by saying stuff like "Got any a that choclut custard?” or maybe "Leebim alone, ee wunt doen nuffink.” You might also need to know "it's gurt lush and "mint innit".

It would be great to get as many FotoBuzzers taking part as possible and we are sure Vicky can recommend decent places to stay locally for anyone wanting to stay over for the whole weekend. There is a small FotoBuzz charge for HQ attendance, admin and tuition but we've kept it as low as possible.

Here are some pics from Vicky and butch other half, Simon.

To learn more about Upfest 2017 please use this link. But to sign up just hit that green button now!


Meetup planned for 29-07-2017

This meetup has an up-front charge of £95.00 to secure your place
(Including 6 months FotoBuzz membership)

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