FotoBuzz 2017 Summer Conference

Yes it's the day you've been waiting for, the annual FotoBuzz Conference! Here are the details so please book now!


Where: Keele University
When: 01-07-2017
Price: £150.00 (inc 6 months FotoBuzz membership)
Tour leader: Andy Rouse and Andrew James
Group size: 140
Terms & Conditions

When: Saturday 1st July, 2017
Where: Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture Theatre, Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire
Why: To learn from, and be inspired by, top photographers and to improve your workflow

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Summer FotoBuzz Conference on Saturday July 1st at the Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture Theatre at Keele University. We have chosen the location as it's just off the M6, offers a modern tiered conference environment and is halfway between the frozen north and the sunny south. In the spirit of our previous FotoBuzz conferences this will be an unmissable event and here's why:

  • Practical, Inspiring Talks - we've gathered together a group of very dynamic and inspirational professional photographers that each have a unique story to tell. Rather than talking about something you cannot do, our people will instead focus on how you can use their techniques in your own photography.

  • Two Conferences in one - to give you the most varied and educational conference we can, we have created a "game of two halves" (* see note). The morning session will have professional photographers inspiring you with their work whilst the afternoon session will focus on workflow only.

    *Note - A game of two halves refers to two equal sessions of merit rather than a West Ham game where the second half is always more disappointing than the first!

  • Varied Program - we know what it is like sitting in a room listening to people talking so we have a very varied program of talks from different genres of photography, a workflow session and the world famous, star-studded FotoBuzz awards.

  • Professional venue - the lecture theatre at Keele is very modern, has a large screen, a professional sound and projection system and is a perfect environment to host the conference. It has easy disabled access too. We have also arranged a tasty lunch for you in the lovely surroundings of Keele Hall.

  • Networking - With most of the audience being FotoBuzz members the atmosphere will be fun, social and with a great "Buzz" (sorry we could not resist that!). You will get the chance to network with fellow photographers, share ideas and experiences. All in a friendly environment. It's going to be a top day out and an inspiring one for your photography.

Here is more information on the expert line-up and the subjects covered...

Morning Session - Creative Photography

Our game of two halves starts with a session in the company of top professional photographers from a multitude of genres. In addition, your two local FotoBuzz gurus have set themselves a very different style of joint presentation so expect a lot of banter!

Wildlife / Aviation ace Andy Rouse Photographer / Mentor / Editor Andrew James
Yes the dynamic duo that you all know and love will be together on the stage opening the conference with a unique presentation. Picking on a number of themes they will each show one image in turn and spend 1 minute talking about the story and technique behind it, before the other one analyses it too!

Hear about their greatest successes, failures, shots they'd like to go back and try again, plus those images that inspired them to try new things. It will be a mixture of images from many years of photography so expect something for everyone.

It promises to be a quick fire lively session, with great banter, great tips and a stack of amazing images to get the conference off to a flying start! You can be assured that when Andy and Andrew get together sparks will fly like a welder's torch working overtime. It's the perfect way to get the day started!

Advertising / iphone shooter Julian Calverley
Julian has been creating imagery in one form or another since he was old enough to hold a paint brush. He is now one of the foremost automotive photographers in the world whose client list represents a who's who of the industry. His style is very landscape based and he has taken automative photography to new heights.

His real passion though is large format landscape photography and this, in turn, led to his innovative #iPhoneOnly project. This is a book of superb landscape photographs made entirely on a iPhone. Often when he's out in the landscape, he'll find himself waiting for a certain quality of light or sea state, or for weather to change, and it's those moments when he'll take a picture or two with his phone camera. It's something that we all do, but Julian just happens to do it very very well indeed! We know that you will love his presentation as it's a combination of cool cars, inspiring landscapes and a determination to tell a story via the medium of a camera phone.

Travel Photography supremo Chris Coe
Chris is a professional travel photographer with a very striking simplistic style. Since turning professional in 1992, Chris has photographed landscapes, people, architecture, gardens, travel destinations and wildlife around the world. In 2003 Chris started the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) Competition. This has become a worldwide showcase for existing and emerging talent in the field of travel photography and in 2016 the exhibitions in the UK and China attracted 178,000 alone.

Chris will be bringing the wealth of his travel experience to the conference and will talk about the modern day challenges of travel photography. He will also speak in depth about the TPOTY competition and give many hints and tips about how you should pick images that will do well in competitions. This presentation is a must for any photographer who travels in the UK or abroad, and who wants to do well in local, national or international competitions. FotoMission entrants we expect you to sit up and take note as the oracle speaks!

Royal Navy Commando Photographer Si Ethell
Following on from last year's great presentation of Army photographer Jamie Peters we have pleasure in welcoming one of the Royal navy's rising stars. Petty Officer Photographer Simon Ethell joined the Royal Marines in 1995 where he began his career as a general duties rifleman with 45 Commando. Realising photography was his passion he passed out from the Royal Navy Defence Photography School and completed assignments with 40 Commando in Afghanistan before a highly pressured posting in the Royal Navy’s Mobile News Team. He returned to the Defence Photography School as an instructor before returning to the front line with the Commando Helicopter Force.

His style is very visual in nature and shows his great depth of technical knowledge, delivering perfect images in highly pressured one off environments. His recent work during an exercise in Arctic Norway combined images of manpower, big sexy equipment like helicopters and the northern lights. His talk will include these recent images as well as other highlights from his career to-date. He will focus on the pressure of being a forces photographer on a day to day basis and how he uses his images to document life in the Royal Navy. A fascinating talk by a most gifted photographer.

Afternoon session - Workflow

What do you mean there's more? Oh yes much more. After the breathtaking creativity of the morning session the afternoon will turn to workflow and how you can make the most of your images. Now the dynamic duo will be joined on stage by Photoshop supremo Jon Adams and you'll enjoy an afternoon of workflow and processing tips and advice.

Jon Adams is the former editor of Digital Photo, the magazine that helped tens of thousands of photographers move from film to digital and that pioneered the creative use of Photoshop to bring a whole new lease of life to everyone's images. Jon is quite simply the complete Photoshop guru. His knowledge of what the industry's most powerful editing software can do is second to none and he will share some of that wisdom with you in two in-depth sessions. Firstly, he will help you understand Photoshop Layers, revealing how harnessing their power will allow you to take your digital imaging to the next stage. In a second session he will take your newfound knowledge even further when he delves even deeper under the Photoshop bonnet to reveal the full creative potential of Layers. This session will completely revolutionise your understanding on what Photoshop is capable of.

Between Jon's two sessions, Andy Rouse and Andrew James will also fire your imagination and boost your skill set with workflow tuition. First Andy will take you through his entire workflow system, starting with selecting the right images for processing in Photo Mechanic before using Canon's own Digital Photo Professional software to fine tune his photos. Then he will perfect them in Photoshop, including using plug-ins such as Topaz. He will leave no stone unturned and you'll get to see exactly how one of the World's best wildlife pros processes his amazing images. Andrew James will then give you a session on Lightroom Killer Techniques as he looks closely at this popular raw processing software and reveals the tips and tricks you need to know to work on your images and produce brilliant results. He'll explore Lightroom's Develop Module, giving you the advice and insight that will make a difference to every photograph you process. Now, you have to admit it, that's one hell of an afternoon of information!

This is a very special day - top pros in talking in an intimate venue and giving you tons of tips to help with your photography. But wait, that's not all...

The FotoBuzz Awards
Yes it's that time again. Who will win the big awards? In a star-studded presentation (Andy and AJ will wear diamante earrings) all will be revealed in this fun community session.

Park Cameras
Yes our retail partner Park Cameras will be in attendance with some killer deals on the day! If you buy right you might even be able to save the cost of the ticket on your purchase.

Venue Details and Location
The conference will be held in the Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture Theatre at Keele University. This is a modern, tiered lecture theatre with great facilities and flat, disabled access. The university is approximately 15 minutes from the M6.

For a campus map please click here.

It's going to be a great, intimate location for our Summer 2017 conference!

Yes we are going to feed you!! A really nice buffet lunch (with veggie options of course) will be served in the magnificent Keele Hall (shown above) which is approximately a 7 minute flat walk from the lecture theatre. Tea and Coffee will be served on arrival, mid morning and mid afternoon immediately outside the lecture theatre by the Keele Events Team.


Parking is free and will be available on the Students' Union car park (except for the pay and display area) and on the car park opposite the Dorothy Hodgkin building. There are a few conferences on that weekend so it's on a first come first served basis, i.e. get there early! Everyone who parks will need to display a parking permit in their car, please click here to download the permit to print it out. If you forget then some jobsworth will give you a ticket!

See below as well for more parking details.

Here's the full itinerary for the day:

8.30 am - Registration and tea / coffee

9:00 - Welcome AJ / ANDYR

9.15 - Speaker slot 1 - AJ / ANDYR

10.15 - speaker slot 2 - Chris Coe

11.00 - Tea & Coffee break

11.20 - Speaker slot 3 - Julian Calverley

11.55 - Speaker slot 4 - Si Ethell

12.30 - Lunch (a 10 minute walk)

13.45 - Lunch ends walk back to lecture theatre

14.00 - Fotobuzz awards - AJ/AndyR

14.30 - Workflow 1 - AndyR

15.00 - Workflow 2 - Jon Adams

15.45 - Tea & Coffee break

16.15 - Workflow 3 - AJ

16.45 - Workflow 4 - Jon

17.15 - The End!

Suggested Accommodation

Crewe Arms Hotel (Madeley) -

Travelodge Newcastle-under-Lyme -

Holiday Inn (Stoke-on-trent J15 M6) -

Keele Management Centre - via

The Wheatsheaf, Onneley -

Old Hall Country House, Madeley -

There are of course lots of other places for accommodation, especially in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent, however those shown are generally the closest to Keele. Should you wish to find your own, the postcode for Keele is ST5 5BG.

Evening Social
We are planning an evening social BBQ straight after the conference at Andy & Susie's farmhouse....

Please check out the Meetups section for details of the BBQ and come along!

Booking your Place

FotoBuzz Members - the cost of attending is just £125. Places are limited to 140 delegates so to book your place just use the Sign-Up button below and you will be taken to the usual secure payment system.

If you are a current member you can also bring a friend or friends to the conference for £125 each ( however we would urge you to convince them to join for the special conference offer of £150 including 6 month full membership ). When you pay, simply use the drop down facility to indicate the number of tickets that you want. If you have already paid but now wish to bring someone with you, please use the contact form to tell us and we will advise you on how to make the extra ticket payment.

Non Members - if you are not a member of FotoBuzz then we have a special discount deal for you that includes your conference ticket and 6 months discounted full membership for £150. FotoBuzz is a great community of like minded amateur photographers, all passionate about improving their photography in a relaxed and social environment. It's the ultimate social camera club. With regular technical hints and tips articles from our pro team of Andy Rouse, Andrew James and Jon Adams you get the best professional advice available, in an easy to digest and use form. Our images will inspire and our words will help you take your photography onwards and upwards. We have regular competitions, fun meetups to all manner of places and a Chat & Tech Lounge too. Fancy getting a nice friendly critique of your latest image, then come to our critique lounge. Fun, friendly and always educational, that is FotoBuzz. So come to the conference as a new member and meet our existing members, feel the "Buzz" that is unique to us!

So if you are a non member then simply Sign Up and you will be taken through the registration and credit card process. Your membership details will then be emailed to you so that you can login and start enjoying FotoBuzz.



1) Parking Permit - Everyone who attends the conference and parks on campus will need to display a parking permit in their car to avoid getting a ticket. Please click here to download the permit.

2) Campus Map - Please click here to download a campus map so you can see how to get to the Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture Theatre.

Here is a map of the centre where we are having the Conference, you can download it here for your phones etc....

Now the Conference is being held in DH0.51 at the bottom right of the map. The main entrance is shown by the arrows and that is where you must come in as we will have the registration there and food! Note the disabled parking spaces on the RH side, there are several, just have your blue badge and parking permit visible and use the Side Entrance as that is accessible. Then you can listen for the hubbub and make your way to registration. It's easy, honest guv!

Meetup planned for 01-07-2017

This meetup has an up-front charge of £150.00 to secure your place
(Including 6 months FotoBuzz membership)

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