Diving Gannet 2 day Extravaganza

Following on from the success of our first two workshops we have pleasure in announcing a new double header in early August.


Where: Bridlington Harbour
When: 02-08-2017
Price: £450.00 (inc 6 months FotoBuzz membership)
Tour leader: Andy Rouse
Group size: 10
Terms & Conditions

Diving Gannet 2 Day Extravaganza!

Date: Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd August 2017

Price: £425

Includes: 4 x gannet fishing trips, 6 buckets of fish per trip and services of Andy Rouse as experienced pro


It's one thing to photograph Gannets on the cliffs but the holy grail is to get them diving into water. Over the past year a good friend of Andy's has been working on getting the Gannets from Bempton Cliffs to come out to a boat and feed on fish chum that they chuck off the boat. Well it's been phenomenally successful and they now have hundreds of Gannets diving frantically into the sea right next to the ship. It's amazing. Now to make this even more exclusive Andy has arranged the following:

1) Two trips per day, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, so you will get 4 chances to get great pictures and at least one of the sessions will be in the best time of the day for light. This is the first time this has been done and is not being done by anyone else this season. Having two sessions in one day means you will be much better the second time as you will be practised, plus Andy will be able to sort out any issues that you have had.

2) We have limited the number of photographers to 10 rather than the usual 12. This is to give you extra room to move and get the shots that you want.

3) Plus you will get the full benefit of Andy's expertise with full pre-departure information, an extensive technical briefing before each shoot and his expertise throughout. He has a good mastery of action photography and has worked out how to get the best from the Gannet action. He will also run the chumming session in a slightly different way to other trips.

4) For non FotoBuzz members we have included a special 6 month full membership deal, usually it's £45 now you can join for £25 when you book this Meetup. For that you will get access to one of the best communities on the web, with hints and tips from top pros Andy Rouse and Andrew James, instructional videos and meetups with nice friendly people who share a common interest. Existing members please note you need to login first to access the member rate.

No other operator does any of this, proof that this FotoBuzz trip is something special that you cannot get elsewhere. Of course it costs a lot more to run it but you are getting much more chances in return, particularly with the weather!

Here's a few pics for you....

Wow!!!! So remember you will have Andy's expertise on hand all the time to help you plus you will have two trips per day and extra room on board. You will need Andy's expertise on this trip as it can be tough to capture the action and very confusing where to start when there are so many birds. A true FotoBuzz exclusive and booking is open now....

Day Plan

Our departures are governed by the tides so here is the plan:

Arrival Tuesday 1st August

Group dinner at 8pm and briefing for the next day (at your expense)

Wednesday 2nd August

Trip 1 – 5.00am to 9.00am

Trip 2 – 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Group visit to Bempton Cliffs to see and photograph the Gannets at close quarters on foot if time allows.

Thursday 3rd August

Trip 1 – 5.00am to 9.00am (so no whiskey fuelled night in the bar!!)

Trip 2 - 2.30pm – 6.30pm

For each sailing we will leave from Bridlington Harbour and it takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours to reach the feeding grounds depending on the tides. On the arrival day and during each sailing, Andy will give full advice on everything that you need to know, from exposure to autofocus to any tips and tricks you will need to get great shots. That is why you have his expertise on the ship.

We will chum the Gannets for an average of 45 minutes before returning back to port. Then we will have a break before leaving again for the afternoon photography session.

A Word about the weather....

It's the North Sea so it's not fun at any time of the year. It can be flat enough to canoe, it can have a slight swell or it can blow a gale. Our boat is a fishing vessel with an experienced captain. If the weather is bad we will not go out. The advantage of having 2 trips per day, and 4 trips in total is that the weather will be assessed for each trip individually. So if we have bad weather for the morning we have a chance of still going out that afternoon.

On an average year about 1/3 of sailings are cancelled due to inclement weather. That's the North Sea for you, but the reward is great!

In the unlikely event that we cannot get out at all, i.e. on all 4 trips, I will refund 50% of your money as I'm a nice guy!


Anything from a 24-70mm to a 70-200 and a 100-400 will be perfect, nothing longer is necessary as we can control how close they are. More info closer to the time will be provided in the pre-departure information.


There is plenty of accommodation available locally, we will supply recommended lists once all tours are full. We can obviously make this a social event by meeting for lunch / dinner etc.

Price and Booking

The price is £425 for both days. This includes 4 exclusive sessions on the boat with approximately 90 minutes feeding per session and the services of Andy Rouse as your guide. Of course you can do it by yourself and save some money but you won't get both sessions with the extra fish and you won't get AndyR's expertise.

To book your place on this great adventure just use the link below and you will be taken to our payment system. Remember members please login first!

Also please read our T&C's below....

Terms and Conditions

1. Once you have booked the payment is final and no money will be refunded under any circumstances. This is to ensure that the trip goes ahead for the other clients booked on it. It is therefore vital that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover this eventuality. If we cancel the trip you will of course receive a full refund.

2. We cannot help the weather and we are at it's mercy. Similarly we cannot control the wildlife.

3. We accept no responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to camera equipment whilst on this trip, you accept that this is your responsibility and no discussion will be entered into.

4. By booking on this trip you agree to all of the above conditions.

Meetup planned for 02-08-2017

This meetup has an up-front charge of £450.00 to secure your place
(Including 6 months FotoBuzz membership)

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