We have put together this short FAQ to answer the most common questions about the site that we know you are burning to ask. So before you bombard us with your queries, just check the solution isn’t already on this page. If your answer isn’t here then ask away and we’ll add it here for the benefit of all members.
Temporary Password

How do I change my password?
When you first sign in you will be asked to change your temporary password. If you do not get this message then don’t worry, just login, open the left hand side drawer and choose profile to change your password.
Site Features

How do I learn about the Site Features?
Just select the SITE TOUR button at the bottom of the website (in white) and you will be taken through the main features of the website. It is recommended that all new users do this.


Q How often will you update the site?
A The site will be very regularly updated. 

Q How do we know when you have added something new?
A You will automatically be notified of any new update via your registered email address and will be provided with a direct link to the BLOG. You can opt out of this in your preferences.
 Not receiving emails?
We will communicate with you via your registered email address. Since the lovely people at SPAM central are not very nice to people like us, you will need to add the following address to your address book so that your receive our alerts / newsletters - noreply@foto-buzz.com

Making Comments

Q What kind of comments do you want from the posts?
A Anything within reason. We want you to feel part of this site and that it’s growing with your help. So the more comments you make the more you will feel part of this and get to know everyone else on here. Comments however must be restricted to the information contained within the post.

Q What do I do if I am the victim of a comment I feel is unfair, rude or unreasonable?
A First and foremost we will be watching comments because we want to respond to them and create a good discussion, however we can't see everything all the time. In the unlikely event of a comment that doesn't meet our site standards not being picked up by HQ or a moderator, please contact us and let us know. We will deal with it sensibly and fairly. This is a decent site for decent people and we will keep it that way. By signing up to the site you agreed to the terms and conditions which covered this. Of course we do not want to take any action like this but we feel its necessary to say it openly so that everyone knows the score.


Q How do the left and right hand drawers work?
A The left hand draw is used to house all of your profile and personal stuff, while the right hand draw is used for navigation within the main sections of Foto-Buzz. 
Q Does Foto-Buzz work on all browsers?

A We have developed FotoBuzz on Chrome, Firefox and Safari but what lines up perfectly on one browser may be a few characters out on another browser. We have corrected this where possible but it is impossible to do 100%. Most of Foto-Buzz also works on your phone but some sections - such as the FotoMission - are impossible to recreate effectively on the phone, especially across the different sizes of screen. We have made the site as mobile compatible as is possible.

Q I have decided that Foto-Buzz is just not for me. How do I end my subscription and do I get a refund?
A Well this happens of course and we will be sorry to wave you goodbye. Unfortunately there are no refunds, as stated in our terms and conditions, and your membership will simply lapse after the renewal period. We hope that before this happens you will talk to us about your reasons for leaving. 
Member Dashboard

Q You will not let me change my name and insist on having my real name shown, why is that?
A Simply because people hide behind false names on forums. Foto-Buzz is a friendly site therefore we will take the name from your credit card that you use to register and that will be your screen name on the site.

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